RiSSC participates at MED 2021 Regional meeting organised by ISPI

RiSSC has been invited to participate as expert in the MED 2021 Regional meeting organised by @ispionline.

The focus will be on rethinking international cooperation against illicit trafficking in the wake of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting illicit trade and smuggling activities since its inception, imposing unprecedented limits on criminal organizations and cartels but also providing them with novel and unexpected opportunities to expand their multiple businesses and further infiltrate the legal economy according to new demands, especially in pharmaceuticals, medical and personal protective equipment, and test kits. In this context, illicit trafficking remains an important phenomenon in Europe and the broader Mediterranean, including both new and more ordinary goods such as tobacco, weapons and narcotics.

At the same time, as typical illicit trade’s channels and structures suffered extended disruption, organised crime groups reacted quickly to rethink their logistics and distribution ctivities by exploiting the great potential of e-commerce and online marketplaces, likely enlarging their customers and partners’ networks on a global scale. Given the international implications of this booming threat, a highly cooperative and integrated approach involving multiple stakeholders and encompassing as many sectors as possible is necessary.

This includes not only deeper cooperation between lawenforcement agencies, but also stronger diplomatic and institutional-level engagement between countries, shared regulations, as well as a concrete alliance within the region’s private sector, with an eye to including the civil society and raising awareness in the broader public.

FURTHER INFORMATION AT: https://med.ispionline.it/