RiSSC organises a FOCUS GROUP for LEAs on 30th April 2021

“Building capacity and new curricula for LEAs on online illegal trafficking. Lessons learned from the synergy between criminology and advanced user-centred technologies”

30 April 2021, 9.30 – 11.30 CET

The aim is to introduce the lessons learned from ANITA, which has adopted a distinctive knowledge-driven and user-centred approach, and to discuss with relevant stakeholders how this experience could provide arguments and inputs for outlining innovative actions for capacity building and curricula addressing the EU LEAs actual needs.

For better law enforcement in the area of illegal trafficking, and specifically on digitally enabled markets, science led and evidence-based pioneering educational solutions are required, so to support LEAs in using and further maximising the contribution from advanced technological tools.

The focus group will develop around the following main issues:

‐ brief presentation of the ANITA platform and its potential to contribute at actionable knowledge (demonstration of a horizontal scenario about drugs and firearms trafficking)
‐ open discussion about emerging LEAs needs about training and curricula, actual practices and future developments

For further information write to valentina.scioneri@rissc.it