Internet as a facilitator of trafficking mechanisms. Lyon, 23-24 October 2019, INTERPOL-RISSC

INTERPOL, jointly with RISSC, will be organizing on 23-24 October at its General Secretariat in Lyon the international conference on the trafficking in drugs, NPS, medicines, tobacco and other illicit goods, focusing on the role of Internet as a facilitator of trafficking mechanisms.

This conference represents an important step in the development of a Knowledge Hub on the trafficking in illicit goods. The role of the Surface, Deep and Dark Web is re-designing the criminal scenario, and the interdependencies with the offline dimension are evolving accordingly. Looking at the drugs market, in particular, synthetic drugs are likely to re-design the global drug trade.

LEAs, prosecutors, judges, researchers and analysts, chemists and forensic consultants, representatives of public agencies and authorities active in the field of monitoring, of policy making and public health will take advantage of the latest research findings and tools, of the mutual experiences and will improve information-sharing networking.

Places are limited. If you are interested in joining the event, please contact RISSC at:

The final version of the agenda will be available here soon.