Find out all you need to know about the use of cookies when visiting
What are cookies
Cookies are small bits of information which are downloaded to the device used to visit a website. Each time that the same website is visited again, this device will be recognized.
By using cookies, information about visits and visitors will temporarily be saved by that website. Other websites may also recognize the device used through that same cookie. Per visit, various types of cookies may be used.
Cookies allow a website to customize a visit, for example by:
• Showing relevant navigation settings
• Remembering visitor preferences
• Generally improving the user experience
• Limiting the number of adverts shown use of cookies
When visiting you agree by default that RISSC places cookies on your device. matches information gathered from cookies with other information you provide about yourself, or other data that we have collected for the purposes as stated in the Disclaimer.
If you do not want to place cookies on your device, you can refuse the use of cookies via your browser’s settings or options. Some parts of you may then not be able to use (properly).