DANTE final events – Opportunities and Challenges of Using Technology in the Fight Against Terrorism at EU level

Turin, 4 February 2019.

The RiSSC is pleased to announce this upcoming 2-day event, which will be held on 19th-20th February in Rome, as part of the DANTE project – Detecting and ANalyzing TErrorist related Events.

The DANTE project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program, has involved a consortium of 18 partners from 10 EU countries – led by Engineering Spa and including Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) from Italy, Spain, Portugal and the UK.

DANTE’s main objective is to deliver more effective, efficient and automated data mining and analytics solutions, and an integrated system to detect, retrieve, collect and analyse the huge amount of heterogeneous and complex multimedia and multi-language terrorist-related content, from both the Surface and the Deep Web, including the Dark nets.

Being in the final stage of the project, this event will represent a unique opportunity to share the main results of the project, show the live demo of the DANTE platform to the public, and to begin to plan the way forward for further joint initiatives in the field of counter-terrorism.

On 19th February, the RiSSC is organizing a restricted experts’ workshop in order to brainstorm a joint training strategy at the EU level, mainly aimed at LEAs. With this objective in mind, the experts from international organizations such as EUROPOL, the academia and national authorities/LEAs from the relevant countries will be involved.

On 20th February, the final DANTE conference will take place. The discussion will focus on the main challenges and opportunities of using technology in the fight against terrorism at an EU-level. Representatives from different fields, including IOs, CSOs, governments, the academia and other relevant EC-funded projects will exchange good practice and reflect on the main challenges of countering online terrorist phenomena inside and outside the EU.

More information on the event will be published on the DANTE website: https://www.h2020-dante.eu

If you are interested in attending the final conference on 20th February, please contact valentina.scioneri@rissc.it  – places are limited.

You can download the program of the conference here.

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