On the 22th of May 2018, RiSSC conducted the second focus group of INTEGRA project.

The second focus group aimed to bring together experts, stakeholders, professional actors with a deep knowledge and expertise about the immigration phenomenon in Rubano and in the surrounding area.

This Focus group aimed to analyze the results of the 1st Focus group in order to confirm or contest them.

RiSSC showed to the experts the leading questions and the answers of the participants of the first focus group. Furthermore RiSSC proposed to the experts a list of specific questions aimed to collect their opinions about the results of the first focus group.

The focus group recorded the participation of the 11 following participants: 

Nicola Grigion – Ministry of Interior.
Maria Grazia D’Acquino – doctor of the Local Public Entity of Health System – Immigration Office. Giovanni Foffano – Social services of the Local Public Entity of Health System.
Maurizio Trabuio – President of Città Solare Cooperative.
Stefania Donegà – Councilor of Rubano.
Francesco Jori – Journalist.
Vincenzo Pace – Professor of University of Padua.
Sergio Frigo – Journalist.
Sara Moratti – Social Services of Rubano.
Mauro Scappato – Social operator of SPRAR.
Michele Fassina – Cultural mediator.

Rissc is proud of the collected results and the involved stakeholders.
RiSSC led the works according to the methodology: every partner had the adeguate space and the opportunity to share his own opinion. The participants were proactively involved.
RiSSC collected inputs and data by all of the participants and gathered information very useful for the implementation of the City Integration Report and the City Integration Agenda.

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